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Quick Defrosting Tray

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Product Details
Product Details
Super defrost up to
SIX times faster
Yes, that’s right. Our Quick Defrosting Tray is designed to speed up your food prep time. No more sticking a steak or chicken breast on a plate or in cold water. Let’s get modern with modern kitchen solutions that make meal prep less stressful and more efficient.
Built for ease + convenience
It’s in the details
Rapid-heat exchange
Constructed from heat-conducting aluminum and thermal alloy (all with an enamel coating), this tray ensures a speedy defrost for anything you place on it.
Done defrosting? Ready to clean up dinner? Hand-wash this tray with ease or just stick it into the dishwasher along  with all your other dishes.
No batteries or plug-ins
Defrosting doesn’t have to be tricky or techy. The magic is all built-in, so our tray is fuss-free. No learning curves: just unpack and put it to use immediately.
No more Plan B dinner
Don’t panic if you’ve been ingredient prepping, but forgot to take the darn steak or fish out of the freezer. And put the phone down — there’s no need to call in for last-minute delivery. Dinner is NOT ruined: all you need is 20 minutes, and the Quick Defrosting Tray will bring your main course to life and in ready-to-cook condition.
A fresher way to fresh
Some research believes that microwave defrosting can lead to bacteria formation and reduction of natural meat flavoring. Use our smart defrosting tray for an all natural solution to prepping meats and seafood.


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